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Read what our clients have to say about the Websure platform and how we help their businesses.

Specialist Insurance Broker

A direct hit during an electrical storm is likely to do damage no matter what precautions you take and that’s what happened to one of our long standing customers last week at their National Service Centre.

Along with the failure of their telephone systems, the server used by the Websure database was corrupted along with its backup. This very unlikely scenario called for an extraordinary disaster recovery exercise which involved taking the most recent copy of a replicated database, sending it by motorcycle for 200 miles and when restored, correcting conflicts and data syncing issues.

Although our actions went over and beyond our contract commitments, we did not want this unfortunate event to undermine our customer’s business. A spokesperson for the company said: “We are grateful for the prompt and unflustered actions by the Websure Support Team in getting us back up and running and successfully trading as quickly as they did with virtually no disruption for our customers. We have always had a ‘disaster recovery’ plan in place for unforeseen incidences such as this and Websure’s involvement, working alongside our own IT experts, is written into that. The whole process worked very well.



Gravity Underwriting Limited

Founded in 2009, Gravity are a specialist team of underwriters, with an accent on Commercial & Liability Insurance. 

Ricky Wood - Assistant Vice President, Underwriting, Gravity Underwriting Limited

"As a specialist and highly technical team of underwriters, our business is inherently complex. When we decided to move away from our manual underwriting environment to one that was fully automated and online, we knew that we needed an underwriting system that could be tailored to suit the intricacies of our operations, whilst being simple enough to use. Websure delivered exactly that.

The platform is truly flexible in its design and it was straightforward to reconfigure when our requirements evolved during the course of the project. The vast knowledge and can-do attitude of the Websure team was greatly appreciated and ensured a successful implementation."




Hiscox is a specialist Insurer, underwriting personal and business risks. A FTSE 250 company, with offices across 14 countries. 

Keith Featonby - Head of IT: London Market, HiscoxRe, Special Risks & Hiscox MGA

"Hiscox has worked with Sheraton Systems (Websure) since early 2015 and we have been impressed to find a software solution and a team that truly delivers what it promises.

Since implementation, which involved complex customer data migration, we have realised a number of operational efficiencies. By using the platform’s impressive self-service function, we have also been able to introduce a number of new products to market with speed and ease, giving us an immediate competitive advantage.

The Websure team have significant insurance market experience and are helpful, knowledgeable and extremely capable software experts."



Carroll London Markets

CLM is a leading wholesale London market broker, handling delegated authority and open market risks for Commercial Combined, Commercial Property, Liability, Fleet Motor, Contractors and Leisure. CLM manages its entire insurance portfolio on Websure.  

Sami Sulaiman – Associate Director, Carroll London Markets

Websure not only meets all the requirements needed to run our business efficiently but also gives us the flexibility to adapt / build and grow the system on demand as and when our business changes.

Since implementing Websure, we have been able to hold electronic files, build bespoke and tailored documents, and most importantly, achieve a huge cost saving on staff numbers because we can automate many of our processes. Websure’s strong insurance and London market knowledge allowed us to move quickly on new releases and implementing major changes.

Our business started with 20 people, with Websure in one London office. We now have 75 staff spread across three main UK offices and several remote small offices all running one Websure system, replicating across our sites every five minutes. This enables us to manage business and staff roles across all our offices with key reporting for three offices running from our headquarters in London.



Randall & Quilter

Randall and Quilter uses Websure as a vehicle to service its UK Commercial Combined Schemes, Canadian Liability Scheme, Marine Hull and Cargo Scheme.
This is a classic turnkey model with teams continuing to join with varying products and business process models.

Business Development, Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings plc.

Having spent months viewing various IT platforms it became clear that Websure’s offering was by far the most suitable and comprehensive for our company and its underwriting needs. The platform’s overall flexibility and easy-to-use structure, coupled with the support that the Websure team offers both during the implementation and after sales stage, is exemplary. We have kept abreast of the developments across the main IT platform providers within our space since starting our relationship with Websure some two years ago and are pleased to say that Websure continues to be our partner of choice in this area.

One of Websure’s greatest assets is the flexible and easy-to-use structure that enables the user to make amendments to the look and feel of the data capture screens, as well as users being able to create their own schemes without the need to keep replying on the IT provider. This makes going to market with new products easy and very cost effective. Websure has helped us to drive operational efficiencies beyond where we thought we would be, something that has enabled our underwriters to focus on business development, comfortable in the knowledge that operational matters are in hand.

The biggest area of savings so far has been in the operational oversight of the team supporting the various underwriting units, in addition to the reduction of costs seen in developing and taking new products to market. The most rewarding financial gain in using Websure has been the increased business flow because our underwriters can spend more time focusing on business development rather than stuck in the office dealing with administrative functions.”



Commercial Express

Commercial Express is an underwriting agency specialising in property owners, SME, catering and liability. It has 22 products published online using Websure and WebX and went live at the beginning of this year.

Duncan Pritchard – Managing Director Commercial Express Quotes Ltd 

Commercial Express undertook a comprehensive analysis of the IT market when selecting Websure as our online provider. Factors that we considered included the ability to deliver 22 unique products to market within a very strict deadline and the ability to manage the migration of hundreds of thousands of records with little or minimal negative effect on the business. We were impressed with the level of planning and Websure’s progressive approach to technology within a changing insurance market.

The key operational efficiencies we have experienced result from Websure handling the accounts side, which was previously handled by a second back-office system that we have now disposed of. All our business is now contained on the Websure system. This is a major advancement in the management of Commercial Express.

Functionality on the site is now far greater including the ability for agents to arrange multi-location policies, while agents will shortly be able to add their own administration fee. The major operational improvement has been the service we can now deliver to our 1,200 agents. We recently conducted a three-day survey that showed our referral speed is 14 minutes, while our competitors advertise that their referral speed is less than three hours, and some say three days!

As we come toward the end of the first 12 months with Websure, we have started building our own products, which we have been able to bring to market in an accelerated time frame due to the positive effects of Websure. Another major benefit is our ability to move quickly and effectively in a changing market, which has produced an increased income stream that was previously unavailable to us. This was further demonstrated recently when rating changes agreed by underwriters went live the same day where previously we would have waited up to a month.

Because we can now build and refine our own products in-house it will mean that, over the long term, costly programmer invoices will be avoided, and more importantly, we can move at our own speed and not that of the internet trading software provider.

An immediate time saving was experienced by our team of field staff, who can populate the Websure system with their daily agent reports and at the same time produce live time data for their next appointments and use the Websure diary management system to ensure we only ever deliver a first-class service. We expect to experience further growth during quarter four of 2011 with the launch of a series of unique products built in-house.

Because of Websure we now have the confidence to showcase the online trading platform and back-office system to potential new insurers and demonstrate the flexibility, control and power the system can offer. In a recent example, an insurer chose to support Commercial Express with its new property owners’ proposition because the system could handle 1.2 million postcodes, a database of ex-flood and ex-subsidence postcodes and at the same time produce detailed and accurate management information in the form of a monthly bordereau which automatically populates the insurers back-office system, in turn producing a massive saving in time and effort. Without Websure we could not of satisfied their requirements.